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February 10, 2022

Most companies today struggle with hiring. Teams are understaffed, roles aren’t getting filled on time, and sometimes not at all. There are a lot of interconnected elements at play — increasing attrition, evolving work dynamics, job uncertainty and a constantly changing business landscape, that has catapulted this problem even further. Moreover, the world of business is undergoing rapid changes with the advent of technology, automation, and evolving work models.

There’s also been a drastic shift in functional roles at the workplace. McKinsey’s 2021 insights on the future of work suggest that the world of work is changing so quickly that while some jobs will be lost, and many created, almost all jobs will change in the coming months and years.

Amidst this rapid shift, employers often find themselves stuck in a situation where they need to hire fast, but that doesn’t always translate into hiring right. They compromise quality which eventually contributes to the already existing attrition because retention becomes a major issue. It’s an ongoing cycle. The problem here that most of these companies face is that they have no objective data to rely on while predicting job performance. The recruitment process is time-consuming, subjective and largely driven by gut feelings.

This is where behavioral skills come in!

Behavioral skills essentially reflect performance and attitude. These skills are considered extremely valuable in the digital era, and rightly so. They’re highly transferable, learnable, help navigate changing work dynamics and predict job potential. Let’s break it down for you further to help you understand.

Over the years, industry experts, academicians and employers across the world have identified some essential behavioral skills that are important for employability and the future of work — effective communication, teamwork, motivation, problem-solving, enthusiasm, accountability and trust, among several others. These skills also form an important part of the competency frameworks of many organisations and are vital in defining success at work.

That’s not all. Increasingly, companies identify these skills as critical to business growth. ​​The 2022 LinkedIn Global Talent Trend Report talks about “flex culture” replacing the old way of working. It suggests that companies are fast moving into adapting changeable and dynamic environments that allow flexible work structures to be implemented. Now more than ever, behavioral skills hold key relevance as they’ll be fundamental to this change.

But, how do you accurately assess these skills?

Adding behavioral science to the recruitment process helps organisations expand their talent pool, get a holistic view of candidate potential and accurately predict job performance. But, how do they do that? Recent research states that 80% companies are finding it difficult to source candidates with good behavioral skills in the labour market and 70% of employers who are actively hiring report a skills shortage. Skillr’s intelligent hiring platform does just that by helping organizations power up their hiring strategy with Skill Flex® and unlock actionable data on behavioral skills to build future-ready teams with speed and precision.

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Hiring fast and hiring right

We’ve leveraged decades of research in I/O psychology to build a platform that provides objective data to accurately predict job performance. Our behavioral assessments have been developed and designed specially to test for behavioural skills at the time of hiring. Moreover, Skillr is the first intelligent hiring platform with Skill Flex® which is based on the evidence that behavioral skills will become increasingly important in the future and are the best way to ensure workplaces are future ready.

At Skillr, we’ve identified 15 behavioral skills that we believe matter at the workplace:

  1. Bias to Action
  2. Result Orientation
  3. Resilience
  4. Professional Reliability
  5. Deep Collaboration
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Influencing People
  9. Creativity
  10. Decision Making
  11. Systems Thinking
  12. Effective Communication
  13. Curiosity
  14. Learning Agility
  15. Ability to Lead

Objective data on these skills helps companies hire the right talent at speed and with accuracy. The skills assessments on our platform help make accurate hiring, promotion and training decisions. In fact, behavioral skills can be developed over time through training, experiences and commitment to intentional practice. Thus, these assessments are critical because they help organisations discover high potential talent and identify skill gaps in the organisation to make informed and evidence-based decisions.

Written by Debjani Chatterjee

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