Be a Change Driver

It doesn’t matter if you were the top of your class. If you’re passionate, driven, unbaffled in ambiguity, a thinker; but most importantly, a doer - you’re in.

Why us?

We believe that access to opportunity should not be a function of your background, but your skills.

This philosophy translates into Fundamento’s mission and we start at point zero.

We grow when you grow.

Fundamento equips you with the means, flexibility, mentorship and resources to maximize your potential.

At Fundamento, you get the opportunity to share our vision, ideate, create, innovate and build with us.

Everything we do at Fundamento aims to create a culture of collaboration, productivity and growth so that you feel empowered and safe.

🌈  Open Culture
💭  Townhalls
🤝  Mutual Respect
🎓  Mentorship & Coaching
💌  Transparency
🏆  Rewards & Recognitions

Our Core Values

Perks of working at Fundamento

Hybrid and Remote Work
Workations and Offsites
Learning Allowance
Leadership Huddles
Internal Mobility
Mental Health Support

Be a Change Driver!

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