Generative AI for Frontline Efficiency

Drive performance. Save costs. Achieve business
outcomes like never before.

Meet Yara. The trusted sidekick for frontline teams.

Supercharge agent performance with an AI-driven virtual assistant and reduce ramp time, meet customer expectations and improve core business metrics.

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Get quick answers to real-time agent problems

Now save time and money by providing agents with on-demand, hassle-free and controlled access to the company’s knowledge base so they know exactly what to say to the customer

Handhold agents with guided workflows

Dramatically reduce ramp time by walking agents through complex SOPs with easy-to-follow prompts, reminders and step-by-step workflows that help them navigate conversations

Automate manual and repetitive tasks

Reduce the average handle time significantly by eliminating time-consuming processes like data capture for agents through automation of routine tasks so they can focus on the customer

Prompt agents to ace customer conversations

Retain more customers by minimizing the room for error through sentiment analysis that empowers agents with intuitive prompts on how to navigate conversations and follow-ups

Uncover full agent potential with personalized training

Improve mission-critical metrics by equipping agents with contextualized training in the flow of work that caters to individual needs and drives high performance by accelerating growth

Built With Generative AI

Experience enterprise-grade AI powered by globally leading AI stack from IBM and Google

Delivers Business Impact

Empower agents with real-time assistance to reduce ramp time, improve win rates and retain customers

Integrates Effortlessly

Equip agents on the go with the solutions they need with our API-first platform and off-the-shelf integration

Supports All Languages

Unlock unparalleled scale with inbuilt translation and multilingual support across geographies

Unlock maximum value with limitless solutions

Sales Enablement

Support your team through calls with on-demand access to all information

Sales Training

Equip your sales team through bite-sized, gamified content available on the go

CX Enablement

Get your team to navigate customer interactions with their own AI assistant

CX Training

Upskill agents without taking them off the floor with integrated learning

Content Management

Develop and configure bite-sized, customized content as per your needs

Agent Onboarding

Ramp new agents at speed with on-demand access to knowledge and skills

Partner Enablement

Keep your partners up to date and scale them quickly and efficiently

Skill Development

Ensure your teams develop critical power skills that are relevant to their role

Fundamento reduces your setup time from months to minutes.

70% faster onboarding than other tools with enterprise-grade security and multilateral data visualization.