Automate Contact Centers with Revolutionary AI

Transform business by using enterprise-grade AI solutions that are purpose-built for your use case to achieve excellent outcomes and reduce ramp time, AHT, agent error and cost

Enterprise AI that Drives Intelligent Conversations

Realize the complete potential of customer support automation and leave a lasting impact with AI solutions that can be embedded within your workflow at any stage

Enterprise AI that handles customer queries and automates manual, repetitive tasks so agents can focus on personalizing customer interactions, reducing AHT and delivering outcomes

Agent Assist

Virtual Agent

Enterprises can handle upstream customer interactions using the best-in-class near-human AI bots to reduce costs and free up agent time so they can tackle complex challenges

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Leverage the Most Flexible AI-Native Engine in Class

Customize your experience using the LLM most relevant to your industry, domain, and use case with specialized data sets that plug in an AI solution specially built for you

Built to Address Enterprise Priorities

Witness zero compromise on technology and output that is second to none

Secure On-Premise Deployment

We solve for cloud-based latency and security challenges as enterprises get greater control over their data and performance while managing large-use cases and peak traffic volumes, with flexibility across on-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments that meet security standards, speed, and cost needs.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our platform is built on industry Governance, Risk, and Compliance principles where the platform’s responsible, explainable, high-quality AI models, automatically document model lineage and metadata. Our data governance includes call scrubbing orchestration protocols and end-to-end encryptions and authentication.

Hyper Industry Focus

Fundamento works with foundational LLMs that are trained not just on the back of company and organizational data provided by the client, but also on industry-specific data that is able to easily identify and reflect complex contact center use cases to deliver the highest level of accuracy during customer interactions

Data Transparency

Fundamento’s model goes beyond extraction and classification and makes reliable enterprise-grade training possible by converting large volumes of complex data into a structured annotation-ready knowledge base. With our data engine, clients can realize dramatically high accuracy on intent identification and resolving customer problems

High Performance, Low Latency

Fundamento’s platform is optimized for delivering high performance with low latency due to the flexibility of deployments we offer, taking care of cloud-based problems. Our on-premise deployment and heavily trained data engine ensure that the needs of the customer are addressed with no scope for delay or inaccuracy.

Flexible Generative AI

Our platform offers a bring-your-own LLM option to plug in the latest models based on relevancy and specialization. We afford our clients the flexibility of choosing a foundational model that’s most relevant to them depending on their industry, domain, and use case to ensure better performance and a higher level of accuracy.

Fundamento can make designing impactful customer-facing teams possible for all

Binny Bansal

Founder at Flipkart

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