Reimagine upskilling

Measure and develop power skills to unlock high performance in teams

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One platform. Many solutions.

One platform. Many solutions.

Sales Training

Create a customer-first mindset that impacts business outcomes

Customer Experience Training

Equip teams with power skills to think out-of-the-box to achieve business success

Transformation, Innovation and Change

Unlock power skills to enable transformative transitions at the workplace with ease

Leadership Development

Ensure easy movement of employees from peer to manager to leader

Accelerated Career Programme

Establish an ownership mindset in your team so everyone thinks like a founder

Employee Experience

Build a culture of learning in the organization that motivates the team to perform better

Visionary leaders love Fundamento

What stands out about Fundamento is that it helps fast-growing startups and mid-market enterprises measure ROI on talent investments. Fundamento can make designing impactful customer-facing teams possible for all.

Binny Bansal

Founder, Flipkart

Leveraging Learning Allowance to Facilitate On-demand Learning

There is enough data today to support that while people around the world value a learning culture at the workplace, it has proven to significantly improve a company’s bottom line.

Ankit Durga

Co-founder and CEO
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