What is Skill Flex®?

February 7, 2022

Skill Flex® is an organizational design framework that leverages deep research on future-ready skills and ethical AI to develop enduring organizations. Championed by 21st century leaders who recognise the strategic role of talent teams in business success and deploy Skill Flex® to build a skills-first organizational culture.

Skill Flex® rests on three core principles:

👉 A future-ready skills framework

A foundation that is centered around behavioral skills. These are transferable and fungible skills that stay with individuals for life. They enable both talent discovery and development for organisations. In a future where skills are the currency for organizations and individuals, objective data on behavioral skills is going to be critical for building enduring teams.

👉 Ethical application of AI

AI that is grounded in deep research and is trained on relevant and unbiased signals from individuals and organizations. Our focus on exposure to diverse data ensures our recommendations are based on accurate but ethical predictions and eliminate any unintended ethical consequence.

👉 Accessibility

Skill Flex® is for everyone. It is inclusive and individual-centric and built with the vision of creating a bias-free skills-first world. It . It’s designed so that a candidate, an employee, a recruiter or even a CEO is equipped to make better, objective and unbiased decisions for a better future.

Skill Flex® puts these principles in play along with a behavioral skills framework that helps build teams for the future.

End-to-end focus that cuts across stakeholders

Skill Flex® impacts different stakeholders within an organization to transform and equip it for the future of work.

Skill Flex® offers a comprehensive approach that significantly improves stakeholder experience.

💡 Fundamento is the first upskilling management platform powered by Skill Flex®.

Fundamento reduces your setup time from months to minutes.

70% faster onboarding than other tools with enterprise-grade security and multilateral data visualization.