Case Study: Fundamento Helped an Ed-Tech Firm Improve Team Potential with Data-Backed Learning

March 1, 2023

An ed-tech company saw a cumulative increase in team potential after implementing Fundamento’s skill-based, data-backed learning design.

The Challenge

A leading ed-tech company needed to improve its Average Revenue Per User through client retention, upselling, and maximizing return. They came to Fundamento with the clear objective of improving long term success by nurturing all leads and maximizing return at every stage of customer journey. One of the biggest challenges that the organization faced was the inability of its sales agents to optimize revenue through client retention, upselling and add-ons. This meant that their sales team lacked the skills needed for customer retention.

While the challenge the company faced had implications on several business metrics, their core focus was on Average Revenue Per User. The company wanted to consistently upsell, but they had never taken a skill-based and data-backed approach before to solve for people issues. Fundamento conducted an objective analysis on what the underlying factors for their low ARPU was. With Fundamento, they sought an understanding of what drains and drives their team and what solutions would be the most effective.

Using Fundamento’s Platform

Using our Skills Finder, the company was able to unlock a detailed skill map which emphasized upon the different skills that must be developed in sales teams in order to achieve high performance. These skills were mapped as per their importance in the role.

The power skills identified were:

  • Empathy - Beginner

The emotional ability to understand, share and anticipate the feelings of another.

  • Curiosity - Intermediate

The ability to be driven by eagerness, logic and realistic observations to explore and seek out novel information or experiences.

  • Initiative - Intermediate

The ability to proactively seize opportunities and achieve beyond what is required or expected.

  • Critical Thinking - Advanced

The ability to make objective decisions or logical deductions that support one's views and often solve problems and analyze information.

  • Result Orientation - Advanced

The ability to purposefully create and accomplish goals while also prioritizing, raising achievability standards, and working within timeframes with a strong drive towards target achievement.

  • Persuasion - Advanced

The ability to use effective methods of persuasion in order to make a point, achieve consensus, or achieve the desired results.


Fundamento conducted a thorough measurement exercise with the company and delivered objective insights on skill levels that are crucial to improve the business metric. These were done using skill assessments.

Furthermore, using detailed 360° feedback surveys, Fundamento also validated the skill scores and dug deeper into blind spots and hidden strengths. This provided the company with deep intelligence that was well grounded in data and science.

Prepared a contextualized learning design backed by data

After identifying the areas of development, Fundamento used the data collected from the company to design a contextualized learning map. This training design focussed on three key aspects of learning keeping in mind implementation as well.

One of the things experts at Fundamento observed at the company was that adoption of learning and time constraints were big blockers in implementing any form of training. Therefore, Fundamento implemented a learning design that embedded itself in the flow of work. This was done across three stages:


  • Acclimating new hires to their role so they hit the ground running
  • Hand-holding and guiding employees so they don’t feel overwhelmed by target pressure


  • Inculcating proven best practices of high achievers to bring consistency in employee performance
  • Making theme-based, real client conversations accessible for learning at their own convenience


  • Reinforcing the ideal ways of approaching customers and improving the primary metric through reverse-engineered mock calls
  • Identifying specific problem areas through data insights and addressing them through impactful live workshops

Demonstrated Impact

After implementing Fundamento’s data-backed training design, the company saw immediate impact. The team demonstrated significantly higher cumulative potential than before. There was additionally a 17% increase in the number of potential high performers as compared to before.

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