Why Fundamento?

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Skillr was started by a team that spent almost 10 years decoding and imparting critical behavioral skills to over 200k young professionals. Our vision has been grounded in truly building a bias-free, skills-first world by reverse engineering the hiring problem from an employer’s perspective, understanding what they need. Thus, helping them build great teams by leveraging decades of research in IO psychology and using ethical, predictive AI to provide them with objective, actionable data on behavioral skills.

We’ve spent the last year working with several rapidly growing organizations to navigate their hiring journeys, identifying talent that is ready for the future of work, while extensively building upon our skills framework. We’ve learnt tremendously through this process and from our early customers over the last year.

The way companies are being built today is changing rapidly. So, we had to dig deeper.
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The future of work is here, and so are we. Thank you for supporting us in this journey!

Ankit Durga

Co-founder and CEO

Why are these fundamental skills?

Building blocks that are important for developing job-specific competencies.
Lifelong skills that are relevant across roles and organizations.
Transferrable in nature and unlock mobility in careers.
Critical for leaders who need to influence and develop other people.
Fundamento’s intelligent platform is powered by a proprietary organizational framework called Skill Flex® that leverages deep research on behavioral skills and ethical AI to help organizations measure and develop enduring, future-ready teams. Fundamento offers a scientific differentiator and gives organizations accurate and actionable data on behavioral skills to measure and develop future-ready teams.

In a future where skills are the currency for organizations and individuals, objective data on behavioral skills is going to be critical for building enduring teams. These skills like critical thinking, empathy, resilience, bias to action, are extremely valuable in the digital era as they’re highly transferable, learnable, help navigate changing work dynamics and predict job potential.
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